Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.

Diane Ackerman (1948 – )

The first time I feel in love, I was 18. I was sure it was for life. I was blind, as they say, to all of his faults. We were married for three years before I recognized he wasn’t perfect.

I was sure I would never fall in love again, but we know we how that goes. But it did take me five years before I found someone who melted my resistance. We were also married five years, but I knew from the onset he had several faults. He was more charming than anyone I had ever known and he brought out the best in me. He saw qualities in me no one else had ever recognized.

Then there was the major relationship of my life. And how could the third time I fell in love be more major than the two marriages? He was more like my best friend and the first man I ever trusted implicitly. He was what I would refer to as my soul mate. He was in my head and in my heart. He was more of what I ever imagined love could or should be. He brought me peace and an understanding of life I had never thought possible.

Love has many levels and many outcomes. I have always thought I was more fortunate in love than most, I have embraced love beyond all sensibilities, but then love is rarely sensible.