Celebrating Women

It is important to remember celebrate the women who have been influential in your life. Who has influenced you and the decisions you have made throughout your life?

I have been privileged throughout my life to have had so many women of influence. More so since my own mother never learned how to be a mother. It’s not necessary to have had a good mother to be able to appreciate what strong positive women can mean to you and the outcome of your life.

I finally realized that every experience and every person who has ever come into my life has lead me to who I am today. That means even my mother’s influence created my personality, preferences and guidelines as to how I would live my life.

I like who I am and who I have turned out to be. Therefore, every woman, including my mother has had a positive effect on my life. They have molded me to be the kind of woman who is sensitive and caring.

Can you think of at least ten women who have been a major influence on your life? Have you ever thought of how much they have offered you the opportunity to become a better person or changed you in many ways?

Take the time to acknowledge these women and let them know how much you appreciate their influence.