Women Who Shine

I have met more women in my life who are extraordinary than I ever imagined possible. It is true it is easier to meet such women when I go out of my way to be at places where more of these women would hang out.

I am truly amazed by the stories of some of the women who have overcome such adversity as coming from impoverished homes, raised their children as single parents while working a full time job or survived health issues when they were told they would never be able to survive.

So what is it that makes someone overcome the impossible? How is it that some people stare the most critical challenges in life in the face and won’t consider succumbing to their predicted fate?

I celebrate the women who I have met in my life.

From the English teacher I had in high school, Mrs. Lemos who kept me after school and had me read Shakespeare while holding my tongue to stop my stuttering. It worked! Can you imagine having a the foresight and patience to work with a student for an entire year, just to help them with their stuttering.

Who are the Sheros in your life? Have you acknowledged them lately? It’s a simple thing to do, but so meaningful when you remember to let them know how much they have meant to you in your life.