The Power of Women

How appropriate that I launch this blog on Mother’s Day weekend.

Almost everyone I know has a great relationship with their mother and many fond memories. But there are many of us who don’t have those memories or were ever cared for by the woman who gave us birth.

It is how we all manage our relationships in life, especially with our parents. I have worked on being at peace with my parents for most of my life and in the process I discovered many resources that helped me heal and let go of any and all negative feelings.

It is not acceptable to hold people hostage for things they did or didn’t do. It only punishes us, not the other person. It serves no purpose to be angry, live in regret, wish for a different outcome or spend any time on negativity.

This blog is dedicated to Empowering women and inspire them to be the perfection they were born to be.

My wish for you is you will be able to let go of all that holds you back from living your life complete joy and live each and every day in total bliss.

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