Nothing is more revealing than movement.

– Martha Graham (1894 – 1991)

American Choreographer

He who moves first or talks first will loose.

Is that the truth? It is a sales adage which has been accepted for many years.

When I was married, my husband was a quintessential intellect. The one  who knew all things and never hesitated to share his knowledge. Whenever I had a question, he had an answer. I felt circumvent to him because of his vast knowledge and his level of self confidence.

Then one day, five years into our marriage, I asked him a question, although I don’t remember exactly what it was, except I needed clarification on a topic. But when he answered, I instantly knew he was making up his answer. I went to the encyclopaedia and sure enough his guess was way off base.

I showed him what I had found and he merely laughed. He wasn’t embarrassed, he  didn’t flinch, he was so self confident he merely laughed.

I asked him how many times in our marriage he had made things up, counting on me not knowing any better or to challenge him. He offered no answer except my realization that we instantly had just moved away from each other.

That was be beginning of my moving away from him.