“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.”

Fannie Flagg

from “I Still Dream About You”

Some might call it being stubborn, some might recognize it as focus while others have said I’m tenacious. Whichever the interpretation, I have developed the discipline to see things through.

When I was in my thirties I overhead my father tell my aunt, “. . . we’d just tell Sharyn it can’t be done and she’d always manage to accomplish it.”

So was I born with the trait to complete projects or did I learn to become disciplined? I think it is both but I have had to work on the focus when it comes to taking on tasks I don’t enjoy. But then I imagine everyone does as well.

There are many ways of motivating yourself to achieve your goals and dreams. I believe it depends on the individual, but I love the sense of accomplishment. That is the major factor in what drives me to be disciplined enough to get things done.

When I look back at each year, I love taking the time to acknowledge all that I have learned, all that I have accomplished and give myself the credit for doing so.