Amelia Earhart

“I may have to keep some place where I can go to be myself now and then, for I cannot guarantee to endure at all times the confinements of even an attractive cage.”

– Amelia Earhart (born July 24, 1897; missing July 2, 1937, declared legally dead January 5, 1939), aviation pioneer, author, business woman

Most women don’t realize the value of taking “me” time or “time outs”. They push themselves until they drop, or explode.

I have always valued my private time, the time I use to regenerate my energy. When I was in my 30’s, a bubble bath did the trick. When I was in my 40’s I took long drives. In my 50’s I started taking my Sundays off to make jewelry, sew, read or write. I wouldn’t take phone calls or make plans to go anywhere the majority of the time.

My life is fairly simple compared to most. I don’t have children, I’m not married or in a relationship and yet I value the time I take to replenish my energy!

Without it, I wouldn’t be able to get as much accomplished during the week as I do. I wouldn’t be able to be as creative and innovative and my business relies on my doing just that.

Whatever it takes, be sure to take care of yourself, so you’ll have what it takes to take care of those you love!