“If you want to be happy for life, love what you do.”

– Mary Higgins Clark
born December 24, 1927

Many times when I’m speaking to various groups someone will mention they will do something they enjoy “when” their kids are grown, “after” they retire, “as soon as” there is enough money, etc.

But the fact is, most people spend their entire lives working at a job they don’t like, making less money than it takes to survive and dreading every day.

The importance of living your life on purpose, with passion, is so vital to the contentment of our soul. When we are content with our life it should be because we are doing what we love, what we have passion for.

I have had many years of my life where I lived in a state of limbo. I was not moving forward, I was staying still. They were periods of inner perspective, times when I needed to slow down long enough to let life catch up with me.

I am by nature, impatient. I want what I want now. They say that is to the detriment of the Baby Boomer era. I only know that I have never been will to sit still and wait for life to happen. I am not a spectator in life, I am participating in the creation of my life. I proactively seek adventure and engage with others to experience the joy of sharing and discovering who they are.

I genuinely have passion for my life every day.