Men and Women

“The basic discovery about people is the discovery of the relationship between its men and women.”

Pearl S. Buck (1892 1973)

Isn’t it a wonder about men and women being in relationship? Think about the absurdity of it. Two people coming from completely different backgrounds with two drastically points of view and some how they meet, fall in love and have a family without any understanding of how the other functions.

It’s one of life’s biggest mysteries, just as those same two people falling out of love and reject every future thought the other possesses. Jut think how ridiculous that is. When we leave our school years behind it doesn’t require that we fight with our instructors and fellow students and then never speak another civil word to them.

So why do you supposeĀ  most broken marriages end up in a verbal and emotional war? Because it’s more personal? Maybe there’s more at stake?

Or perhaps, with the one we love we don’t offer the same level of respect?

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