It’s the frames which make some things important and somethings forgotten. It’s all only frames from which the content rises.

Eve Babitz, b (1942) American Writer

When we look back at our years of experiences in our Golden years, it seems as though our mind is filled with memories which involve others.

Whether the memories are good or bad, it’s the images of specific events which carry us through until our time on this earth has ended.  The question then becomes, so why don’t we stock pile more great memories, more events, more adventures to be sure to amuse ourselves when our feeble bones can no longer carry us out into the world?

Surely the need to wait for a more perfect time for such explorations can not possibly suffice for an excuse. Engage with others and place the prettiest frame around each event to take out at a later point in your life for your very own amusement.

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