The world is born; wind, let it endure!

Simone Weil (1910 – 1943)

French writer

It’s the tree that can bend that survives the voracity of the storm. For some, life has offered many a storm to endure. Only those who learn early on how to yield to fate and have the years that follow such aversions.

Learning to comprehend the benefit of change; knowing that each and every trauma in our life occurs for a reason; taking the time to reflect on our experiences while it is fresh in memory; and understanding there is no fault to anyone involved, it is simply life’s storm, coming through our life to wash away indecision, pain, discomfort and all the ill-feelings associated with a less than perfect existence.

Grant us all the strength to endure; hold dear to our hearts the knowledge that it is always for the best. Have the strength to weather this life time with a sense of purpose, never giving in to negativism, always searching for the silver lining.

Help us all gain the peace of mind that is always so elusive to those who are never satisfied to simply settle for what is offered, yet frustrated that it’s never what we imagined it could be!

Today on Mother’s Day, I as, “When the child is born, can we find the strength to let it endure?”