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  • Posted on March 20, 1994 at 1:35 am

“Education is a private matter between the person and the world of knowledge and experience, and has little to do with school or college.”

Lillian Smith (1987 – 1966) American Writer

It seemed as though everyone I knew was well educated, degreed, worldly sophisticated and confidfent.

I interpreted their formal education with an earned right to their self-confidence. I then owned the right to be lacking in confidence. I had not finished college, I could not quote verbatim and ad infinitum great works of literature.

Therefore, I rarely spoke in groups, even when I knew them well. I listened, fascinated by their clever recall of college learning and experiences. I was intimidated by their ease with each other, know I could never be a part of their world.

I can’t say what it was whether a series of events, or merely the passing of time. I found I began sharing my insights and opinionsand the response appeared genuinely accepting, even grateful at times. I wonder what lead me to the change within me?

Rarely do I feel even a hint of the old insecurity. I stand before many and speak freely with little concern other than insuring each one their comfort among those they are not familiar.

I am pleased with my progress.It is empowering to stand confident along side of those with their degrees and worldly experiences. They often look to me for an opinion. How great the mind is to be able  o overcome such barriers.


  • Posted on March 6, 1994 at 8:55 pm

“Noble deds and hot baths are best cures for depression.”

Dodie Smith (1896 – 1996)

I’ve often wondered about depression. In a sense it’s like being emotionally compressed. It feels like being dehydrated, with all the energy having been with drawn from inside. It’s being out of control, hopeless and without the power to fight back. It’s difficult to own up to being depressed. Therefore it’s a monumental task to overcome it.

There is not a prescribed guideline, though many relay on drugs. I wonder why we are not all given the strength to know how to manage life’s obsiticles rather than throwing in the towell when life becomes too challenging.

Why weren’t our parents more concerned with our problem solving techniques? Why didn’t they prepare us for the barrage of challenges we inevitably are required to cross? Couldn’t they have tried to take their experiences and turn them into concrete measures that would shore up our psyche when our life would get out of control? Why hasn’t anyone ever figured out how to prepared their children to take those painful realities of day-to-day living and turn them into strength, flexibility, character, loving, acceptance, courage and faith in themself?

Then take the hot bath!